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Use this password tool to create your new password or as many passwords as you like!

All random passwords generated by this software are available on your local computer only. No passwords are transferred over the Internet. Note, however, that cutting and pasting the result to complete a password change will leave a copy of the changed password in your clipboard buffer. Protect yourself by clearing the clipboard once the change is complete, or simply copy the result manually.

Since this builder simply randomly assembles characters, there is a chance that a word may be generated. This tool does not do a dictionary check. Before deciding on a password, we suggest that you read our pointers on safe password selection and password security.

Our Free Password Builder

Note: Generated passwords are not transferred over the Internet in any format. If you cut and paste a password, a copy will remain cached in your clipboard buffer. Clear your clipboard aferwards to be sure no traces of it are stored for others to find. Your use of this software and service is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Service and Copyright.

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Password Lists

If your need large lists of passwords, we can generate customized lists of any length, as often as required. Please contact us for a quote.

A Note About Random Seeds

From a security standpoint, the most significant weakness of any tool using computer randomness lies in the random generator itself. Computers are incapable of creating truly random values. As a result, computer programs only can simulate random values -- commonly called pseudo-random numbers -- and some initial value is needed to begin the process. This value is called the seed and is typically extracted from the computer clock. While better seed sources are available -- seed sources with high entropy -- they are not always implemented.

Because JavaScript does not provide alternatives for the source of the seed value, this utility probably will use a time value from your computer's clock (depending on your browser's implementation of JavaScript or JScript). So in theory, at least, someone could use this program to create the same passwords by simulating the precise times your passwords were generated.

Note that the characters in your passwords are generated one at a time, so other factors will affect the outcome. For example, because your computer is busy with many tasks at any given moment (unless you are running PC-DOS or something equally unlikely), the precise time a given character is generated would nearly be impossible to predict.

Nevertheless, if you are paranoid -- or protecting government secrets, in which case you are paid to be paranoid -- you can manually change one or more characters before changing your password.

One thing is certain. Almost any password this tool creates is better than using your pet's name!

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