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Computer online backup should be automatic. Get 2GB's of free backup or plans starting at $5.99Get 2GB's of free backup or plans starting at $5.99

The Online Backup Advantage

The practice of backing up your precious data onto some other media is a good one -- if the media is stored in a secure, off-site location -- but in many cases the backup media is stored right next to the source machine. If something happens to jeopardize the source machine, it is likely that the backup would also be affected. Computers and accessories get stolen. Buildings burn down. Hurricanes, floods, and other disasters happen. Imagine losing that thesis or book you have been working on for 2 years, years of financial records, emails, your family's album for the last 15 years, and other documents. Your information is valuable to you. Much of it is irreplaceable. You made that backup with the intention of being able to recover your data if something were to happen to your computer. What would you do if both the machine and the backup were suddenly gone and you could not recover your files?

What if you had no backups and your hard drive failed, your computer was damaged, or you accidentally deleted some or all of your files. A Seagate company, i365 Data Recovery Service is highly effective at getting information off of damaged media, but if the damage is too severe, it may not work. If the media is missing, this option goes away.

Had you done your backups online -- files encrypted and remotely stored in a climate controlled secure data center -- you could retrieve your most recently backed up information with an Internet connection and a few key strokes, anywhere in the world. This is the online backup advantage.

Imagine a scenario where your computer is stolen. The culprits use your machine, don't realize the backup software is running in the background, and unwittingly upload files with their identities and addresses stamped all over them. With some calls to law enforcement, you could get your computer back and catch a thief. Double bonus.

About time someone got backup right

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