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Your Privacy

The knowledge and consent of the customer are required for the collection, use or disclosure of customer information, except where required by law.

The Bitmill® Inc. absolutely and unconditionally will not sell, exchange or otherwise distribute personal information to a third party for any reason.

Furthermore, all information collected will be carefully guarded as follows:

  1. Personal information will not be collected without your knowledge.
  2. Personal information will not be collected without your consent.
  3. Personal information will be requested only for a reasonable and stated business purpose.
  4. Personal information will be stored no longer than necessary to complete its stated business purpose.
  5. Business and personal information will be stored in an encrypted format.
  6. Business and personal information will be transfered in an encrypted format, except where Internet protocols provide no alternative (e.g. SMTP).
  7. Encrypted customer information will be cleared from Internet-facing servers as often as possible, subject to reasonable technical limitations.
  8. Any form of criminal activity is excluded from our privacy protection. We will not hesitate to cooperate with authorities as required by law.
  9. All forms of Internet abuse, including, but not limited to, UCE (spam), crack attempts, and denial of service attacks are excluded from our privacy protection, except as required by law.

Currently, we do not use or read cookies for any purpose. In the future, cookies may be necessary for transactional session tracking. These cookies will contain only randomized session identification numbers and will expire at the completion of a transaction.

Server log files are excluded as necessary for web site operations. In addition, web and mail server log data are collected and may be provided to third party authorities to assist in criminal or Internet abuse investigations. Using standard log formats, these files contain such information as Internet IP addresses, connection times, referring URLs, and may contain email addresses and search queries. Every Internet user should be aware that such information routinely is collected, stored, analyzed, and frequently distributed for all Internet transactions, not just ours!

Depending on the nature and locale of a transaction, The Bitmill Inc. is subject to compliance with the following relevant Privacy Legislation. Specifically, inter-provincial and international transactions are covered under the Canadian legislation, while intra-provincial transactions (within Alberta) are covered under the Alberta legislation.

For contact information regarding privacy issues, please visit our Contact page.

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