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Any Backup? Recent and Reliable Backups

The Best Protection

If your business depends on even one computer, you must do backups. Conversely, if you cannot justify the cost of doing backups -- either in terms of time or money -- you cannot justify using a computer for your business.

System failures happen. Hard drives crash. Bad people break into computers and destroy data. Other bad people steal computers. Natural disasters strike. Mistakes are made. (You deleted what?) Worms and viruses play havoc every day. Murphy's law applies. Even those with modest computer experience know this to be true.

Yet not everyone performs backups. And even though many do, everyone loses an important file -- or worse -- sooner or later. In every case of disaster, the best protection your business can have is a recent and reliable backup of all critical data.

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Recent and reliable

When disaster strikes, recent and reliable backups are all that matters. Your backup methods are not relevant to the situation. So ask yourself how you can ensure that you always have recent and reliable backups. With a little thought, you will realize:

Unable to spare the time? Another option is to out-source the whole process to a managed backup service. You will have to find a company you can trust with all of your enterprise data, so think about what you are willing to pay for this service.

Is a recent and reliable backup strategy simply too painful to think about? Think about the pain your business could suffer when disaster strikes. Your company data can be restored but never replaced.

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We Can Help!

At The Bitmill®, we have considerable experience with large systems administration and security in an Internet environment. As consultants we are available to provide professional guidance and support for all your computer security needs. As software developers, we are committed to creating affordable quality security tools for any enterprise, small or large. And as a young company, we are only just beginning to achieve these goals.

You Can Help!

What keeps you up at night? How can we help? We are very interested in hearing your comments, suggestions and requirements! These will help guide our course as we grow.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us!

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